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St. John’s Catholic Church - Kensal

St. John’s Catholic Church - Kensal

407 Pleasant Ave
Kensal, ND 58455

Mailing Address

c/o St. Boniface Church
PO Box 9
Wimbledon, ND 58492-0009

Phone: (701) 435-2310
Email: boniface(at)daktel(dot)com

Mass Times

January - April: Sunday 11:00 AM

May - August: Sunday 8:30 AM

September - October: Saturday 7:00 PM

November - December: Saturday 5:00 PM


Half hour before all Masses (weekday and weekend), except the last Sunday Mass (Confessions offered 15 minutes before last Sunday Mass)

Eucharistic Adoration (Summer)

Sunday 7:00 to 8:20 AM

Clergy at This Location