Tribunal and Annulments

The Tribunal is established by canon law as the judicial office and court system of the Church. The majority of its work involves resolving questions of marital validity; however, the Tribunal works with other sacramental matters, as well. By interpreting and applying the laws of the Church, it protects the rights of all the Christian Faithful.

Annulments: A Ministry of Justice and Reconciliation

Marriage is, by God's plan, an enduring and exclusive partnership between a man and a woman. The purpose for this partnership is the giving and receiving of love and for the procreation and education of children. For all baptized persons, a valid marriage is also a sacrament.

In accord with the Gospels, the writings of St. Paul and centuries of Christian tradition, the Catholic Church teaches that every consummated sacramental marriage is indissoluble. The Catholic Church presumes that every marriage, or at least every initial marriage, including a marriage between two non-Catholics, is valid.

Annulment Forms

Visit the forms page to begin your annulment process.

Annulment Questions?

Frequently asked questions about annulments.

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Beginning Experience

When married people become single again through separation, divorce, or death, the happiness and confidence they experienced as part of being a couple may seem distant and, for some, completely out of reach when faced with being single again.  Beginning Experience is an excellent help for people who are hurting and grieving in these ways. It’s sponsored by the Catholic Church, but open to people of every, or no faith.

Marriage Cases

  • Form A (PDF) Pre-Marriage Inquiry
  • Form B (PDF) Dispensations
  • Form C (PDF) Affidavit of Marital Freedom
  • Form D (PDF) Testimony of Parents or Guardians of Minors
  • Form E (PDF) Radical Sanations
  • Form F (PDF) Notification of Marriage
  • Form G (PDF) Petition for Marriage of one under 20 years of age

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