REDEEMED Annual Conference

The REDEEMED Conference is an annual event hosted by the Diocese of Fargo.

To support these conferences, contact Brad Gray at the Diocese of Fargo (701-356-7903) or visit the online giving website.

Redeemed conference banner. Date: April 6. Place: Scheels Arena, Fargo.
REDEEMED 2018: “Called by Name”

REDEEMED 2018 is entitled “Called by Name” and will be held at the Scheels Arena and Shanley High School, Fargo, on April 7, 2018. The list of speakers, complete schedule, and additional information is posted on the REDEEMED 2018 page.

Men’s Conference

Thank you to all who participated and made the 2016 Men’s Conference: “Made for Greatness” a great success. See the REDEEMED Men web page for more information and to download recordings of the presentations.

conference logo
Women’s Conference

The REDEEMED Women’s Conference was held March 11, 2017. For more information, visit the REDEEMED Women web page.

REDEEMED Conference Logo

The logo for the REDEEMED conference was crafted as an invitation to ponder anew the most dramatic events of human history, to experience their force, and to come away forever changed by love.

An arch of thorns above an opened tomb radiating light

At the center is an arch of thorns, reminiscent of those placed on the head of Christ during His Passion. Above the thorns rises another arch that hearkens back to the tomb in which the dead body of Christ was placed. However, the tomb is not lifeless and black. Instead, it bursts forth with light, as if to reflect the very moment when the bonds of death are shattered by the triumphant resurrection of the God-Man. The glow surrounding the arch also suggests the rising sun, as it breaks across the horizon on Easter morning, initiating a new day and a new creation, wherein it is no longer death but life that has the final say. Through the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ there is newness of life, a fresh start and the promise of a future full of hope and joy for the REDEEMED.


Thank You!

A special “Thank you” to all our sponsors who have made the REDEEMED Conferences possible!  Your generosity has already touched the lives and hearts of many people and it continues to make a difference with each new installment of the annual REDEEMED Conference Series!