New Earth 2018

October 2018


Respect life... from conception to natural death: Catholic Charities North Dakota strive to also serve everyone else in between

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  • From Bishop Folda: A time of shadows and light
  • Assumption Church in Pembina celebrates 200 years
  • SEEK2019 inspires desire to encounter something more

September 2018


Texas teens travel to Turtle Mountains for mission retreat with Belcourt teens

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  • From Bishop Folda: A challenging moment for the Church
  • Crookston and Fargo Dioceses team together to help parishes evangelize
  • St. John Church in Lansford officially becomes part of Bismarck Diocese

July/August 2018


"Scattering the seeds of holiness": Farmers ask for God's blessing at first annual Rural Life Celebration

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  • From Bishop Folda: Humanae Vitae after 50 years
  • Esmond native returns to the Church, ordained priest for Denver diocese
  • Michael Kurtz and company built houses of worship for many communities in diocese

June 2018


Assumption Church marks 200 years spreading Catholicism on the northern plains

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  • From Bishop Folda: The beauty of rural life
  • Harvey Knights build tiny caskets for couples who suffer the death of a miscarried or stillborn child
  • St. Joseph's School, Devils Lake, to extend to seventh, eighth grade

May 2018


Redeemed 2018 encourages faithful to draw closer to the person of Christ

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  • From Bishop Folda: Mary, Mother of the Church
  • Franciscan Sisters of Dillingen elect new council
  • A conversation with Cardinal Burke

April 2018


Pentecost: Have we forgotten the gifts of the Holy Spirit

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  • From Bishop Folda: Rugged individualism vs. Easter faith
  • "Walk to Jerusalem" encourages faithful to spiritual and physical fitness
  • Why youth continue to march for life

March 2018


I am willing: Fifty years of the diaconate in the United States

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  • From Bishop Folda: The Eucharist: The heart of Holy Week and Easter
  • Ask a Priest: Should Sunday be different from any other day of the week?
  • Immaculee Ilibagiza invites all to experience the power of prayer and forgiveness"

February 2018


I was a stranger and you welcomed me: Keeping the homeless out of the cold

Other Articles
  • From Bishop Folda: A time for silence
  • MEALS: Managing Eating And Living Simultaneously shares importance of family meals
  • Pope in Peru: "Be the saints of the 21st century"

January 2018


National Catholic Schools Week: SmartLabs help prepare students for future high-tech careers

Other Articles
  • From Bishop Folda: Blessed are the peacemakers
  • God and the bedroom: 50 years of celebrating Humanae Vitae
  • Pope Francis: Think "being good" is enough? It's not.