M.I. Youth Camp

M.I. Youth Camp for 2017 has been cancelled.

I am sorry to say that we just didn't get enough registrations to hold camp this year.

We are holding a three day Daughters of Mary Retreat at the convent in Hankinson for young and older ladies ages 12-23 and if moms want to come along they are welcome.  The retreat will be held from Sunday, June 25 at 7pm to Wednesday, June 28 after lunch.

Please contact Kathy Loney at 701-356-7902 (work) or 701-866-5945 (cell) for further information.

Deadline to register is June 21, 2017.  Cost for this three day event is $125.00.

Make your check out to "Diocese of Fargo".  Go to  www.fargodiocese.org/daughtersofmary

for a registration form and more information.





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