Life Issues Survey

The Diocese of Fargo conducted a survey on life issues between October 8 and November 12, 2017.

Thank you to all who participated in taking this survey.
Your input is greatly appreciated.

I you haven’t yet, you or someone you love will eventually bump into these types of questions, many of which truly have life or death consequences:

Question 1: I’ve never considered whether I’d have to keep my mother on a ventilator. I ant to make the right decision, but what? Question 2: I’ve been in chronic pain for a year now, and just want out. Maybe doctor-assisted suicide is my next option? Question 3: We’ve wanted to be parents all our lives, but we can’t get pregnant. Is IVF a moral choice?

Bishop Folda wants to hear from you! The Diocese of Fargo is conducting a Life Isssues Survey that expores your understanding of these issues so that we can better serve you when the time arises. Survey available until Nov. 12.