Little Deacons know what makes a good Bishop

by Paul Braun | New Earth


The Little Deacons Class of 2016 from Holy Spirit School poses with Bishop Folda and their third grade mentors.(submitted photo)

You’ve heard the expression “Out of the mouths of babes.” Bishop John Folda learned first-hand what that expression truly means when he visited with Little Deacon preschoolers at Holy Spirit School in Fargo.

The kids dressed up for Bishop Folda with construction paper crosses hung around their necks and miters that they made to wear on their heads. They were also asked to complete this sentence: A good Bishop... The results were priceless, and in the spirit of the Christmas season, we share them with you now.

A good Bishop…

  • sings his whole day. – Ivan
  • talks to Jesus and drives a car. – Jack
  • has a thing on his head shaped like a circle and does push-ups. – Kaysn
  • is in my heart and has ice skates. – Kaelen
  • shares and goes on a train. He plays nice. – Briggs
  • is a friend and drinks all his milk. – Rozanna
  • drinks wine. He likes me when he comes to my room and hugs me. – Nash
  • is good and tells people not to do bad things in church. – Ashtyn
  • is respectful, not bad and not crabby. – Emily
  • wears a cross and a cape and a hat. – Neveah
  • is nice and loves people. – Tori
  • likes to color pictures of families and rainbows. He also draws the sun, rain and snow. – Freddy
  • wears a thing on his head. He goes to Mass and talks and sings about church. – Haven
  • does good things like play. He likes people. – James
  • is kind to people. – Lydia
  • likes pizza. He likes to see our school and see us too. - Rylee
  • doesn’t hit. He says good words. He listens to Jesus and he is Jesus’ friend. He sings the B-I-B-L-E song and Yes Jesus Loves Me. – Addison

Merry Christmas, and thank God for kids!