Fathering a future Father

by Kevin Lorsung


Kevin Lorsung

This year has brought many new and exciting changes in my life: a new seminary, new friends, new classes, new professors, and last but not least, a new church, and by that I don’t mean the seminary chapel.

What I mean is at the St. Paul Seminary School of Divinity, we have a special pastoral program where we are assigned a particular parish for the four years we are in seminary. This is part of our ongoing formation here, so we are able to gain important knowledge about what happens at a parish.

I remember discussing with my classmates men where we would possibly be assigned, and we couldn’t wait to find out. I was assigned to my parish on September 22, and that very evening I went to their first annual parish festival (my parish is very new). What great timing! I met the priests and most of the staff, and overall I enjoyed the evening.

I was very impressed with the place. The people were welcoming. I’ve continued to visit about once a week, and I always enjoy it. One of my favorite things about going to my parish is spending time with the priests and better understanding the life of diocesan priesthood.

In a very real way, they father me, and I look up to them, learning from both their words and actions. I’ve assisted at baptisms, and those have been special. I’ve also watched the priests minister to people and educate the youth of the parish. I’ve felt God’s guiding presence in them as they’ve shown me what it is to be a loving and caring father for their parishioners. This has continued to inspire me and helps me to keep going when the going gets rough.

The two priests at my parish have different personalities, but they still get along great and that helps inspire me to grow in my friendships here at the seminary. I also love the time I get to pray when I’m in the car driving there and back, praying my daily rosary for my parish, and thanking God for all I learned during my visit that day.

I recently met some parishioners of my parish that are related to a fellow seminarian, and I hope to deepen those relationships as I continue in formation. All of this helps me to continue to follow God’s will and to grow in his love so that I may serve all of you with a true shepherd’s heart as Christ did! God bless you, and please keep us seminarians in your prayers!

Lorsung is a Theology I seminarian at St. Paul Seminary, St. Paul, Minn.

Editor’s Note: Seminarian Life is a monthly column written by current Diocese of Fargo seminarians. It gives New Earth readers a glimpse of what these discerning young men are experiencing. Please continue to pray for them.