DECREE Relegating St. Anselm’s Catholic Church, Fulda, ND

Relegating St. Anselm’s Catholic Church, Fulda, North Dakota
to Profane But Not Sordid Use
In Nomine Domini. Amen.

Whereas St. Anselm Catholic Church in Fulda, North Dakota is a church subject to the Bishop of Fargo;

Whereas sacred places lose their dedication or blessing if they have been turned over permanently to profane use by the decree of the competent ordinary (cf. c. 1212);

Whereas the competent superior can relegate a church to profane but not sordid use provided that he has heard the presbyteral council, received the consent of those who legitimately claim rights for themselves in the church, and provided that the good of souls suffers no detriment thereby (cf. c. 1222 §2);

Whereas grave causes suggest that this church no longer be used for divine worship, namely,

That subsequent to the consolidation of the parish on June 22, 2005, regular celebration of the Eucharist has ceased;

That the edifice has not been used for the celebration of a wedding or funeral since 2011;

That the remote location of the edifice exposes the sacred space to risk of desecration and makes appropriate maintenance gravely difficult;

Whereas I have provided the presbyteral council sufficient information to judge the appropriateness and legitimacy of the relegation of this church to profane use;

Whereas consultation regarding this matter occurred with the presbyteral council on January 14, 2019, according to the norms of canons 127 and 166;

Whereas I have heard the pastor and people of the parish territory in which St. Anselm’s is located through opportunities for public comment;

Whereas I have received the consent of those whose rights might be legitimately harmed, namely, the local pastor, Rev. Thomas Graner;

Whereas I have ensured that the altar, sacred objects, and religious artifacts will be safeguarded;

Whereas I have made appropriate provision to assure that the good of souls will not suffer any detriment as a result of this relegation, namely, that St. Therese Church, Rugby has been the regular place of worship for the community since June 22, 2005;

Therefore, the requirements of law having been fulfilled (cf. c. 1222 §2) I hereby relegate the Church of St. Anselm, Fulda, North Dakota, located at 5851 19th Avenue North, to profane but not sordid use. It thus loses its blessing, dedication, and consecration. It may no longer be used for divine worship.

This decree is to be published by means of the diocesan periodical, the New Earth. It may be challenged within the peremptory time limit of ten days from the legitimate notification of the decree and in accordance with the norm of law (cf. c. 1734).

†Most Rev. John T. Folda
Bishop of Fargo

Given this 21st day of May, 2019
At the Pastoral Center of the Diocese of Fargo.

Very Rev. Andrew Jasinski