Count your blessings on Giving Hearts Day

by Emilee Hansen | Development Assistant at St. Paul’s Newman Center

Ashley Stoppleworth, NDSU senior (Emilee Hansen)

Giving Hearts Day is North Dakota and northwestern Minnesota’s largest 24-hour giving event. On Feb. 14, thousands of individuals rally around hundreds of nonprofits in our community saying, “count me” as a Giving Heart for charity.

St. Paul’s Newman Center is a nonprofit serving the thousands of college students attending NDSU. It provides a “home away from home” for students making the transition into adulthood, preparing them to receive the gift of their vocation and equipping them to live a dynamic Catholic life.

This year, we are asking you to #CountYourBlessings by sharing how the Newman Center has blessed you and by supporting current students with your gift. Our goal this year is to raise $100,000 in 24 hours with the help of a generous matching gift to provide needed funding for our annual ministry needs.

Ashley Stoppleworth, NDSU senior, says the Newman Center has blessed her while attending college. “In a pivotal time for me when I had a lot of big questions about life and where I fit in, St. Paul’s Newman Center blessed me with a place and community to grow with other students who were seeking and pursuing truth.”

Other students, like Dan Kramer, an NDSU senior, have also been blessed from the support of the Newman Center. “Since my first day of class at NDSU, St. Paul’s Newman Center has been the one constant in my college experience,” said Kramer. “Amongst the ever changing class schedules, changes in housing, and challenges in my faith, I have been blessed abundantly by the work that the Newman Center does. Their support has been what has given me the ability to grow and support others today.”

Please support students like Ashley and Dan by giving to St. Paul’s Newman Center on Giving Hearts Day, February 14. #countme #CountYourBlessings #MoveNewmanForward