Arby’s restaurants surprise Shanley High School seniors with pre-graduation meal

by JPII Catholic Schools

Some Shanley seniors enjoy a free lunch, courtesy of Arby’s restaurants. (Sherri Simon | St. John Paul II Catholic Schools)

On May 21, Fargo Shanley High School seniors gathered in the school auditorium for what they thought was just another meeting about graduation. To their surprise, a personalized message from the voice of national Arby’s commercials, Ving Rhames, was played over the intercom letting them know they had an Arby’s feast waiting for them outside.

Earlier this year, Arby’s President Rob Lynch received an email from Shanley High School Student Council President Mary Noah about an unusual shared tradition by her and her fellow classmates. The group of seniors have been making up a variety of chants to recite throughout the school day, and while many didn’t stick, one is still going strong. That chant? “Arby’s... We Have the Meats.” Mary shared with Rob her peers’ infatuation with the tagline as well as a rave review one of the senior boys in her class wrote about the local Arby’s in Fargo. Because Rob was so impressed by the group of students, he decided Arby’s would do something special for the seniors upon graduation, and the entire class was treated to an Arby’s lunch.

Mary was also rewarded with free Arby’s for a year as a thank you for sharing her fellow classmates’ tradition with Arby’s.